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Outrageous baking is based out of Boulder, Colorado. The company was born out of a need to make gluten and dairy-free treats for Pamela’s Daughter Grace who had eczema as a baby. Pamela and her family were determined to not use any form of medical intervention, so they relied on determining which foods created the manifestation of the eczema.

Because of Pamela’s love of baking and eating healthy sweet treats she got to work in the kitchen. She experimented with a banana bread for about 6 months with little success. She decided to surprise her family and made“Aunt Kay’s famous families’ Coffee Cake” with a twist: a gluten-free version. All the taste testers loved it!

Pamela’s family and friends encouraged her to share this wonderful cake with everyone! Since 1 in 133 people have a gluten-intolerance, this cake was whole-heartedly welcomed in over 2-dozen coffee shops in Boulder, Louisville and Longmont. Since then, Outrageous Baking expanded their line to include chocolate zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, lemon poppy seed bread, coffee cake, and an all purpose baking flour – ALL GLUTEN AND DAIRY-FREE!

We serve a variety of different types of sweet breads. Our flavors consist of our warm and gently spiced pumpkin bread, our rich and heavenly chocolate zucchini bread,our cool and light  lemon poppy seed bread, and our sweet and flavorful cinnamon coffee cake. (Click here for ingredients and nutritional information). You can find these flavors in various coffee shops all around Boulder, and Rocky Mountain Region.

Thank you all the wonderful support in helping make us successful!  It makes our day when someone can enjoy our treats in a coffee shop and not have to deprive themselves. As we continue to grow and develop new products we are open to comments and suggestions.

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